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XBox 360 Live gamers


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GT: oP Intervention

I'm on a lot, don't hesitate to message me if you want to play:
Halo 4
Black ops 2 (pretty much any CoD game)
Battlefield 3

One of my "friends" thought it would be funny to go on my account and delete all my friend -_-
At least now i have pIenty of space for some furries on my friend's list. Go ahead and message me, I enjoy meeting other furries. I know you're scrolling through this thread, wondering which guy you should add. Should you add me? Ummm...yeah. Yeah, you should. Even if this post gets old, I will still be on xbox. Now hurry up and add me. NOW, DAMMIT >:V See you on xbox
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GT: I Mori I

Mostly just playing Black Ops these days for lack of anything better(Or else, for that matter), but having some friends for the hell of it ain't bad either.

Foxtrot Apocalyptia

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Just got back online for the first time in forever. Looking for some team mates for Battlefield 3 (CQ or RUSH) or GoW 2/3 Hord matches. Other games? Meh.. I forget.


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GT: ShadowedIrises

Xbox crashed so had to get a new one and I haven't played much, but I wanna get back into playing online. I'm usually playing any CoD :)


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GT: xXTheShadowXx00
multiplayer games i play:
Black ops 1+2
Halo 4
Borderlands 1+2
Battlefield 3
Mass Effect 3


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GT: MyExodus15
Multiplayer games that I play:
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Halo 4
Fable III
Forza 3
Army of Two: Devil's Cartel

Now, i don't get on too much anymore, but feel free to add me, i may start playing more if i have some more friends to play with. Most of my old friends either dropped live, or dont have time for video games anymore
Hi everyone. I am a big gamer since I got my n64.
I play almost everything from NES to the Xbox 360 & PS3
My xbox 360 gamertag is MateoTheGamer93
I will put my PS3 gamertag up later.

Migoto Da

Heat the Beat
Well I'm fairly certain people know the games I play, but if I feel so bored that I have nothing else to do, I play Black Ops II from time to time.

Add me @ Kanjii Tatsumi.

I play U. Marvel v. Capcom 3, Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter Third Strike, Injustice, and Soul Calibur V.
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gamertag is woohookittys

I play lots of Borderlands 2 and Forza 3, occasionally Modern Warfare 3.


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Lots of boarderlands 1 and 2 and a fan of the old cods up until mw3. I do play BO2 but black ops one is the best for me. I also play RE6 and DMC 4 alot. If you want you can add me just message me here or on FA. :)


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Hmmm... guess I'll add myself to this thread. My gamertag would happen to be: SpeedyMacgee

I primarily play Black Ops 2 though I've got every Call Of Duty game, Forza 2 - Horizon, Borderlands 1 and 2, and a bunch of others. Looking forward to the new indie Call Of Duty too who change I'll be getting when it's finally released.


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I recently moved into my new apartment and finally got my xbox live set up after a year off
about 80% of my time playing is on Soul Calibur 5 with the rest of my time on halo 4, but I'm always up for a game of nazi zombies on CoD
gamer tag is Ohhsnipes


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Yeah, I'm on Xbox Live. My tag is xXGoldFlygonXx. You can catch me on Black Ops, Minecraft, Halo 3 (not as much), and, possibly in the future, Battlefield 3 or 4.


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JTF BigBadWolf is my gamertag.

i play battlefield mostly along with forza 4 and mortal kombat.
i have a ton of games for the 360 but im gonna keep my list short.
oh and if you add me just tell me where you are adding me from. :)
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Gamertag: soul XII (two words, separated)

-BF3 (99% of the time)
-Mass Effect 3


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gamertag: Blackcat83

battlefield 3
forza 4
grand theft auto 5

Im usually online on weekends only
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The Last of Us.
Gamertag: DIRE W0LF GH0ST

Thats with zero's as some shit already had it with O's. Im sick and tired of playing on my own with mute team mates, looking for people to have a laugh with whilst still trying to play decently, and talk with.

Up for Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, and Black ops II despite how aggrivating it is. Got gta v but cant get it to work.


My gamer tag is firecrakcer, add me if you want. :D
The multiplayer games I generally play (not limited to however) would be Halo, CoD, GoW, or any other game I happen to have that's multiplayer