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XBox 360 Live gamers


Red DaggerXL
if name changes were free, then that damn xl...
GTA, Halo, BF3, older CoD games, Payday...playing with others is more fun, though I'm not on all that often.


Loveable Pony
My GamerTag is Nutcase170489. Feel free to add me but please mention that you're from here :)


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i am an xbox fur but i want to also form a group for one of my favorite games, dead or alive furs. also if u wish to play games with me my name is Craven the Fox.


My gamertag is WOLFBANE1112 (wanna change it though). The main multiplayer games that I play is any of the halos and minecraft.

EDIT: I will also be playing GTA5 when I get it back from my cousin


Well Known Foxxo
Mine is Desertfire. I play cod black ops 2 and Gta online. If you decide to add me mention this because I don't add people if I don't know where I know them from

Migoto Da

Heat the Beat
Changed mine to PRRogxRickyXOXO a while ago. Have at me.


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GT: A Kinky Donut I have to many games to possibly say, but all the popular ones such as COD, BF, Halo and so on. Feel free to add but please, do say you are from here! :3


Pain in the Ass
I'm an xbox 360 live gamer... Gamertag is Cyberra

I play Halo, Titanfall, Left 4 Dead...

I am desperately looking for a co-player for the Portal 2 co-op mode... Does anybody have Portal 2 and want to play? *looks around hopefully*


The Bubbly Captain of Butts!
Hey! My GT is FreeziePaws, as my name suggests. :)

I'll pretty much always be looking for new gamings buds, so even if you're reading this in like, august... still add me! I'll likely still have the same gamertag.

BTW! Make sure to message & tell me where you're from when you add me. Bai!!!
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"Atty the wuff" Ill play anything we have in common~

( I changed my Gamer tag :p )


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My GT is Spirit SnowWolf all I have is Titanfall on the xbox one. Feel free to add me just send a message letting me know you are from here.


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Hi everyone! Nice to meet all you fine furry gamers! ^_^
I've just started back up on live since upgrading to xbone.
I only have a few games ATM, titanfall & pvz garden warfare are my main ones so far.

My GT is 'Kit411230' feel free to add me,
Like everyone else, please mention that you're from here.

Can't wait to get online with you guys & let the fur fly!
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I've only got an Xbox One, don't know if I can place that here. Anyway, got plenty of games I play on there, but mostly main Diablo III, COD: Ghosts (major Extinction player, I blame the COD Black Ops 2 zombies days), PvZ Garden Warfare, and sometimes Watchdogs/Titanfall.
ID is FURRYYIFFGAY, mostly for lols


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I'm always down for some Kill Confirmed on CoD: Ghost or some Zombies in BO2. Hit me up anytime on 360.
GT: jffry890


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You can find me on the Xbone, mainly playing CoD but I do enjoy some minecraft and other occasional games. I enjoy destiny some.
I'm a very chill guy so if you're a big rager or something at least try to tone it down for me ^^
GT: Unbenttomcat