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XBox 360 Live gamers


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I'm on Xbox Live on both Xbox One & Xbox 360 as ROGUEx360 (hoping to change that soon, I don't like it any more). I've got more games for 360 than for One, but that's slowing changing.


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My Gamertag is DampDAVE28 ( Don't ask :3 ) and I have both and Xbox One as well as an Xbox 360. I usually play Destiny or Halo on the Xbox One, but would gladly play on either console with anyone :3 just a heads up, though, I'm really new to the Furry fandom, so go easy on me! :D


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My gt is Killdashwolf. I normally play fps games like Battlefield, CoD and Destiny. I only have the Xbox 360 for now.
I'm on both XBL for 360 and One. I'd love to make some new gamer friends!

GT: Hawt Paws

BTW, here's what I usually play:

360: MW2, BF3 (I have over 90 games though so...)
: BF4, GTAV, Forza Horizon 2


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Hello I would like to have more furries to play with on XBL so yea I have both the one and the 360 I mostly play games like forza and the crew however Titanfall is my guilty pleasure so if you're like to play some time my GT is BlackTopRiot
I mainly play Halo/Call Of Duty, sometimes play Mass Effect or titles Games With Gold. I'm online most days for at least an hour or two. I'm from the UK so USA players may not see my online much. Anyway my GT is MAGIKzMushroom.


you only have one life
i play cod and gta v anyone wants to be freinds pleas send a request my gt is smoke play xbox lol :p hmu anytime
also has there ben a furry con on gta v yet if not i feal that needs to happed


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Currently playing the hell out of exo zombies in cod:aw, was wondering if anyone was into it and needed help; Xbox live (Xbox One) account: FURRYYIFFGAY (don't take the name seriously)
I think someone should make an Xbox one / ps4 thread now
Xbox one: dragonboy201
...what? I made this account when I played offline...I was about 9
Just send me a message before you add me, my friends list is pretty full


I'm up to doing some destiny on xbone or 360, hopefully no interruptions if we do nightfall or weekly heroic.
shockwave1972 is my gammertag.
dont know when I get off tonight but if I've got the energy I've got to work on getting an open nat.
I got both X360 and XOne, I play mostly HALO, Dark Souls, Mass Effect both single and multi and often single-player.
I gotten XOne at the end of 2014 and then I deleted my friendlist as I didn't really play/chat with anyone for quite longer time... So, to give it a new start kind of...

Gamertag - UDucklingGaming