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Xbox One furries?



I got away from xbox due to personal issues, but my friend Jeremy/Dar'rassi @Jkitty almost has wifi, and is looking for fur friends. He would've posted this himself, but he forgot his login info.
If you're interested, add him and he'll add you eventually. Here's more info. (Xbox one)
Gamertag: Taconator10199
Multiplayer games: GTA5 & The Elder Scrolls online.
He's fairly new in GTAO, but he copied my rank so he's above 120.
He has a Motorcycle Club and a counterfeit cash factory.
He has a gunrunning bunker.
He has a CEO office.
He has heist access (not sure what one)

He hasn't made a character yet, but I told him to go on mine and put gold in the bank to help him start.
We gave access to The Dark Brotherhood content.

He role plays in both games.