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XXXmas list

Its early, but its better to buy christmas stuff early to evade the long cues.

Nintendo Wii
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii ver)
Simpsons series 7 and 3
KoRn "See you on the other side", "live on the other side"
and Guitar hero 2

Other stuff I'm gonna get for myself
Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Figures (£25 for bahamut, £20 for Cloud)
Resident evil 3 Figure of Medium sized Nemesis (£70)
Resident evil Rebirth Figure Chris Redfield (£10)
Resident evil 4 figure (£10 each for Leon and Hunk the umbrella soldier)
Some Mask in the Figure shop (Looks kinda cool like, Paul from slipknot.... kinda)
Misfits album (anyone will do for me)
Wednesday 13 "Fang bang"
A new bike (so I can finaly use it on the damn halfpipes for fuck sake)
H.I.M Leather Coat (I'm quite into the band's love music)
A new tattoo (not going to tell you so you have to see it on my FA/DA)
The Legend of Spyro A New beginning

What is on your list


College tuition money...
The best gift someone like me could possibly get!


GNR - Chinese Democracy if it comes out this year
Snack Tables
Various cookware
I don't generally make christmas lists, 'cause I like being surprised, but currently I've got my fingers crossed for a whole ton of old retro video games for my collection, maybe a few GBA.


A working vacuum cleaner
Some cash so I can finally fix my cat
New pair of jeans
A pair of boots that don't have holes in them o_o
A decent night's sleep. Insomnia ain't exactly a barrel of laughs three nights in a row.
Meh...basically I'm posting a list of stuff from my Want list in my paycheck budget (my Need stuff is either too expensive or stuff I can get for myself before Christmas):

New, better wireless keyboard/optical mouse set
Model paints, glue, etc.
300GB external hard drive
LotR: Fellowship extended DVD (replacement for messed up one I already have)
LotR: Two Towers extended DVD (likewise replacement)
Swords and other crafted weapons
Magic: the Gathering cards


I'd like to get myself a fursuit and go to a furrycon ^^
preferrable a taur one so I can be myself.


ooh now that I saw the sig, Halo2PortalsTeam Fortress2


I'm pretty sure I'm not getting anything for christmas (I know I didn't last year ;_;.) But I can tell you what I might be getting for other friends and family:

- Various music cds
- Printed drawings from me
- Gift certificates (or cash, I'll know when I do go christmas shopping in a couple weeks =p)
- Simple jewelery for me Mom (this will probably cost the most~ last time I got her a 400 dollar black pearl necklace. The expression on her face was worth it =D)
- Various nintendo DS/PC games/hard to find n64 games for friends.

As for my somewhat expensive wishlist:
*Maybe Santa will see this .___.*

- Mannheim Steamroller's Fresh Aire Collector's Box Set
- More shirts (oh, and some surf shorts too!)
- A couple of 1GB DDR2-800 ram (preferrably Corsair's brand with timings of 4-4-4-12)
- And one of those neato 'surprise' gifts. Thoughtful gifts always puts a smile on my face =D
New wallscroll (the Inuyasha one has gotten pretty old)
The next few volumes of Deathnote
And Hellsing
Okami (PS2 game) (yea, I know the real word is spelled with hiragana equivalent to Ookami)
FF7 Dirge of Cerberus (also a PS2 game)
BLEACH DVDs (and the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya if it was available... T_T)
More Herco guitar picks... I only have one... And it's misplaced...

If you couldn't tell, I was an otaku long before I went fur...


Probably still lives in a giant bucket
I'm probably getting gift certificates for most of my close family and making presents for most of my friends e_e

For myself...
- Money to get me by next semester, eeps.

:| MmmmTriscuitmoney.


New Member
doubt i'd get anything since my family has to use our money to move..but meh..¬_¬

-money to pay for many things
-cute things with Hello Kitty on it
-a tablet
-a new car
-new computer
-toe socks
-a bigger bedroom...

probably some other crap i can't think of..


Pretty much the only thing I really need this holiday season is ZELDA (Gamecube version all the way. Wii can go jump out a window). There are surprisingly few things that interest me this season. Kinda sad (FFXII would have been there, but I already have it ^_^).


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
A DS, a 40+GB Extern. HDD (otherwise I'm screwed for school next year) or a few Xbox/PC games. I'll be happy.


New Computer. (My current one SUCKS!)
A tablet!!!!
Few Xbox 360 games.
Gift art rocks too. :3
Krystallwolvelt said:
brightlioness said:
FF7 Dirge of Cerberus (also a PS2 game)
De morz of beh Hellzing fanz eht bettah!

also I can't wait to play the new FF7 game to.
I know... I actually didn't get to play the original, but I stayed up till midnight at more than one con to watch Advent Children. ^_^


Oh, **** you.

As of a few years ago, I just stopped caring about Christmas and its aspect of getting. I refuse to say giving anymore.

My whole family is spread apart, so getting to actually be with all of them under one roof is more than enough.


some Orion trucks..
A borla performance exhaust for my bike
Gas for a month