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XXXmas list

i don't really have a christmas list this year. all i wanna get is stuff i was gonna buy for myself regardless of the christmas season. that having been said some gift art of my character would be nice. but aside from that i have no real wish list at all.

at the same time i never ask for something without offering something else in return. so if someone did end up doing a gift pic for me i would return the favor with a painting. either of line-art they want colored or something else totally random like landscape art. i like painting flowers alot.... http://www.furaffinity.net/view/288893/


*insert something witty here*
My entire list

Pantera - Projects In The Jungle
Pantera - I’ am The Night
Overkill - I Hear Black
Death - Symbolic
Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time
Judas Priest - Turbo
Sepultura - Schizophrenia
Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Slayer - Christ Illusion

Overkill - Under The Influence
Toothy Pain T-shirt

Wrestling Figure LJNs:
Tito Santana (Strike Force white tights)
Big Boss Man w/Nightstick
Outback Jack
Steel Cage

Wrestling Videos:
The Wrestling Classic
Best Of The WWF Volumes 6, 7, and 8
History of the Intercontinental Title
History of the WWF Heavyweight Title
-Survivor Series 89

-Beavis & Butthead the Mike Judge Collection DVD Volume 3
-Happy Tree Friends: Season 1, Vol. 1 (Will be out in FYE, December 5, 2006)

Other Stuff:
-Distortion Pedal for my guitar
-Petunia patch
-A cd case with room for 64 cds.
-A webcam
-New speakers for my computer.
I guess a few games, a Visual Basic.NET book and a nice, new computer chair....

I'd ask for PSP, but my mom/myself aren't exactly rich. =< Still I am happy with what I've got, as long as I can be with my friends/family really.


I'm more worried about what I'm getting for others. Although I'm lucky, my family doesn't do Christmas, so I'm just getting things for my boyfriend and his Mom, since they were the ones who got me doing Christmas in the first place.

For his Mom I'm getting the Super Gals Season 2 set, some Card Captor Sakura soundtracks, and something homemade, whether it be something knit, or baked treats.
For my boyfriend, he's getting the Card Captor Sakura movies (although he already knows he's getting them) and something homemade (I started a blanket, but it won't be done in time) and I might splurge and get him the HD DVD player for the XBox 360.
I already got one present (a pink DS lite), but other than that, don't really have a list. It would be nice to get my bootleg anime sets replaced (Apocolypse Saga of Utena, and Escaflowne) with the R1 sets, but if I don't get those for Christmas, I'll just end up buying them for myself.
And I'm planning on being a super nerd (as if all the anime wasn't a dead giveaway) and send some things out to Internet friends, like drawings of their characters, knit stuff, or just some goodies.

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
Wicked Grimmerie (script, pictures, behind the scenes stuff)
Same thing for Avenue Q, can't remember the title
Money *wails*
Food...I <3 food.
Drawings from friends

With my christmas money, my present to myself is ears and a tail.
I'm gonna go for:

-PSP (they're a lot cheaper now, and if too expensive a DS)
- A new, faster hard drive to tighten up the graphics.
- some music cds (never can have too many).
- maybe a new guitar to replace my current acoustic, i dunno.
- an MP4 player if its worth replacing my current MP3.