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ok, i'm not really new, but it's been like 5 million years since i've posted here.

What's good my dudes, my name is Randalieren, but people call me Rand or Randa. I'm a college sophomore and a digital artist of 11 years~

Age: Unknown (18 going on 19)
Species: Cat/Shapeshifting Demon/Incubus
Height: smol
Likes: games, talking to friends, bamboozling, pranking, eating food, playing with animals
Dislikes: annoying/ignorant people, (some) spiders, sleeping, being bamboozled, wasting time

i'm pretty easy to talk to, hit me up if you wanna talk ^^

Social Media:

Discord: RANDALIEREN#4733
DA: Randa-Lieren
Twitter: Randa_Lieren
IG: Randa_Lieren





Haters Gonna Hate
I need that hoodie for my friend.

Sup, I am the mighty and powerful Rant! Mostly I just lurk and annoy my dragonkin.
*seven paragraphs of political commentary*
Only seven? M8 I legit broke Facebook mobile because I had a 75+ long thread going.
I believe the separation of church and state is a mistake, we need to declare Satanism as the official state religion and give every devout follower a flamethrower so they can hunt down and burn Christians in the name of the Dark Lord.


Angry Local
Why isn't your character a half-dragon, half-angel, half-demon, half-feline hybrid?


Shit dude your art is fucking amazing- what’s your FA? Give it right now

Anyways welcome back mate!