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Yarn Tail Help

Hello. So I just recently decided to try my hand at making yarn tails, and I have a question for any experienced yarn tail makers out there. I know it's common to loose yarn when brushing the tail out, but I am concerned that I am loosing too much. I read on a few tutorials that wool and cotton yarn tend to shed more than acrylic, so all the yarn I have is either 100% acrylic or (like the yarn I am currently using) 92% acrylic/8% rayon. I am only making a 6 inch tail with the loop method. I have done two section of yarn so far and have about a handful of brushed off yarn. Is it too much or am I being paranoid? Are there any tips to reduce the amount shed?
<3 Camo


You are going to have a TON of yarn fluff. I wish I had pictures of the bags and bags of it I had when I was doing tails full time. Now I cram it into empty tissue boxes, works well for containing it and keeping it from getting all over the house.