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.~*Yarn Tails*~.


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So I just recently made my first yarn tail and am hoping to be able to make another soon. But I have a few questions just to see others thoughts about it. For my first tail I did a 4 strand braided base of about 20-30 strands if I remember correctly. Since I have little experience with sewing I decided to go with the tying each fluff onto to the base. I thought it turned out less fluffy then I wanted it so I was wondering if sewing the fluffs make it fluffier and how I would sew them onto the base.

My next question is, what base gives more swing? A braided yarn base or a chain base? I'm looking into light chains but I wasn't sure if anyone had an input on the chain base and also what they're personal preference was for a base in general.

I used a baby blanket yarn called Bernat Softee Baby and ended up with a really nice, super soft tail. I absolutely adore how soft it is. The tail was completely white and went through just about 2 1/2 skeins of yarn for all of it. My base ended up being longer then I wanted it, I can still add onto it if I want, and ended up folding it over to make a belt loop for it. Overall it's about 1 1/2 feet long. It reaches to just below the back of my knees and I'm about 5'5. So thank you in advance to anyone that replies to this. Any tips at all would be awesome, especially for keeping a white tail white haha. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


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For the tail,

The chain base gives a crapload of swing. It also doesn't use as much yarn as the yarn base. But the yarn base does give great swing, so long as the tail is a bit on the heavier side, or the tail has enough length (1-2ft)
Light plastic chains are the best for a chain-based tail.