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Yay, or Nay?

I'm a little bleh right now, and second guessing myself...

I always thought I had some talent, but its become increasingly clear that I'm lacking something that keeps people from seeking commissions of my work.

I recently bought a scanner and uploaded a few megar works that haven't gotten distroyed or lost in my hecktic life on the move. I was put on a potentail artists list, they've viewed my work, said thanks, and that has bin it so far...

So do I fail?


Here is a few recent color jobs to judge me by:
Pencil crayon and Ink:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4600896 (This is pretty heavy on the black shading, its gonna be in a dark setting)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4600690 NSFW (boobs)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4600880 This is pretty tiny

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4562434 NSFW

I guess in the end all I can do if keep learning in hopes of being a respectable tattoo artist one day.


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If I remember Arshes's opinion on the matter right, if you doubt whether you're "commissionable" then you really are not commissionable. Skill doesn't appear to be the concern, though.

One thing I immediately notice when comparing your digital and traditional examples (specifically #4600896 and #4392026) is that your traditional work has far more visible line weights than your digital work. And that's a good thing. Your digital work looks too "soft" and "muted" compared to your traditional, partly because the line weights aren't very distinct, causing your digital fur and hair details to all blend together from a distance, whereas in your traditional work those same details stand out and can be spotted clear as day.


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I agree with Strata. I'd also suggest if you're trying to look a little more professional with your traditional work, try heavier stock papers - drawing pads and the like - and invest in some better materials. You'd do well with some nice colored pencils or pastels to experiment with. A vibe I'm getting from your traditional works right now is that they're very... doodlish? I can see that one was drawn on the back of some already printed paper? the text is coming out from the other side. you're obviously very talented with the medium you're using, but the texture is lacking a bit - or maybe too much.

I can see a lot of talent in the drawings themselves! The pieces themselves are nice - good proportion and such. Step up with the professionalism and you'll probably be better on track.


While I am not going to play down the need for improvement (every artist needs to and should improve with time), there is also a bit of strategy to be had for selling.

Lots of artists really hit it off in the commission world by starting a gimmicky icon commission series. Start a freebie thread and agree to make 5 icons, wait until you see popular people request one, and make them and icon. Require that they use it for a while and either put a link on their FA page or their signature. That way, you get free publicity. With any work, you'll get some interest, and then you may begin making more avatars.

Eventually, if your fanbase improved enough, you should be able to branch out into more normal commissions.

Still, if you're feeling doubtful in your own skills (a lot like myself at this point and time), then work on practicing really difficult pieces and then try again later. This isn't a race, so train properly and you'll be rewarded.
Thanks for your comment, you inspired me to mix digital and traditional. As a result I figured out a much simpler way to play with light...

I should really just, get me some lessons. It never hurts to get a professionals opinion.
I'm not an art expert or even a well voiced critic or anything of the sort, but I do know what I think looks good, and I like your style in both the traditional and digital works. If I had the cash, I'd probably comission you for a picture, though if you ever open yourself up to requests, I'd love to get one!