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(18+) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46212320/

Three slots:
1. open
2. open

3. open

In this ych there are a series of arts where your couple can be depicted, who decided to have fun in the park

female, femboy, futanari; male
there can be a representative of any gender in any position
any species;

Fixed price $60

For this price you will get a full-fledged art with detailed coloring of both characters. If you want to replace the background + $10

You can change their hairstyles, clothes, body parts by giving me a drawing (photo), you can also change emotions and their general condition. According to your choice, this art can be a version of NSFW, any fetishes and desires.
Additional elements can be added: ropes, various toys and everything that your imagination will allow.
The hand positions may be slightly changed.
The background is also drawn at your request or remains unchanged without additional surcharges.

To depict your characters, I need a link to visual reference or pictures of your characters.

- Payments only by Paypal.
- Payment must be done within 48 hours.
- Free for commercial and personal use.
- I start drawing after full payment.
- Deadline is 2 weeks.
- No refunds.
- Only USD

If you have any problems, then write to my email


My email address is: a_rasputina[at]internet.ru​