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just opened a auction for a game in DeviantArt! Hope who win ask me for lewd art ;D
read below:

aizawasilk.deviantart.com: YCH AUCTION - PLATAFORM GAME, SB 60$ - OPEN

Hey there! I'm opening my first YCH game auction! That's right, your character in a plataform game! It's not a big project, but I guess it's pretty cool to see your char on a game.

Take a look in this video of the study game I was doing (sorry for the bad video quality):


CONTENTS, game structure:
- AizawaSilk Studio splash screen
A splash black background screen with the game producer.. me. ;D

- Title Screen
A screen with the game title (with a simple logo) and the "press enter to start" and a simple background music.

- Game Stage
one room only plataform game with:
★ your character: your charachter designed in 8/16bit style with movement (left, right and jump). no attack.
★ tiles, sprites and background. you can choose de room theme (and giveme references), if would be the woods, night scene, city, feudal japan, ice, lava, etc...
★ background music - the main theme music. you can choose the style (with references).
★ enemies - only 1 type of enemy. and 2 types of stage obstacles. You can also suggest ideas and references for then
★ item: 1 kind of item only, of you choice (like coins, diamonds, stars..). It will be the player score.
★ objective: you choose the objective. Can be find the exit, colect all itens, or whatever you want.

- Game Over Screen
a simple screen if you lost the game.

- You won the game Screen
3 images when you complete the objective! You can choose how the images would be (cannot be too much complex) and if you want to add a text like a short story to it, it's ok! (and since I love sex stuff, fell free to ask for lewd imagery).

- Credits Screen
final credit screen, with your name on it, of course ;D


~~ OBS: ~~
- character can be any gender and any specie (but must be humanoid figure).
- age of the character MUST BE +18, if there's sexual imagery in the game.
- the final file of the game will be a executable, FOR WINDOWS ONLY!
- size of the screen gameplay will be 960 x 540 pixels.
- the art will be totally pixel art. will not have high definition graphics with anti-aliasing. Will be just like the image above (if you see it in 100%).
- It will be made in GameMaker Studio. You will receive the full project files, with codes and images.

- STARTING BID: 60 usd.
- BIDDING: you must bid in the "BID HERE" comment only! bids outside the bid comment won't be valid. Please, only bid if you really want the commission.
- AUCTION ENDS: march 31, 23hr (GMT-5)
- PAYMENT: paypal only. 50% before I start and 50% after it's all completed.
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