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YCH Dutchie or similar (selling $10)

Hi there! I can do any Dutch Angel Dragon, or Pegasis (or anything that will fit on my personally made base) I can also modify your character to fit the base you see here. Floppy ears, stubby tail, hooves?? No problem! The only part of the base that stays the same is show here. Wings, horns, tail length, feet types, extra stuff? All good to go! (Please be aware however this is a SFW commission for now as I don't feel comfortable enough drawing NSFW on this base.)

My current turnaround time is about 2 days from the time I start your image.

I take PayPal, and I'm currently open for 5 slots!

(Pearl and Ambrosio belong to their respective owners. Honeysuckle, the last one with the plush on her head, is mine. All art is mine)

Pearl FA Size.png
Ambro PNG FA.png