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(Base/YCH) Selling: YCH furry/anthro wedding theme (unlimited slots/OPEN/ set price - from 11 USD)


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Just married!

(Do not trace or copy, this is not a free base)

I can alter the characters looks according to your wishes:
clothes; race; hair style; facial expressions; gender, any accesories


--payment via Paypal (50% prepay)
It would take about 10 days to finish the art

11 USD: b/w sketch
13 USD = sketch with light colors
16 usd = black and white line-art
25 USD = flat colors
36 usd = colored with shadows and lights
45 usd = full color with shadows and lights + simple background
65 usd: bonus nude or underwear version
85 usd: version with different clothes of your choice

I can draw full figures but it would be x2 price

you can also contact me at Deviant Art: TatianaOnegina - Digital Artist | DeviantArt

YCcommishes: TatianaOnegina - YCH.Commishes