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Visual Novel Creator
It's now or never to see your OC immortalized in our wonderful vidya game, Regal Tails!

Come see your character set in our fantasy world, even possibly as a side character if the background isn't your thing!

Open slots are still available! So come one, come all while they still remain open on commission! :D

For more information about the game:
forums.furaffinity.net: Regal Tails, a Visual Novel of Pure Art!

To see about commission tiers, and even try a free demo of the game, visit: SiriusLeeLost is creating Regal Tails, A Virtual Novel | Patreon

Commission Tiers go as followed:
$20 to be part of the background
$50 to have custom sprites as an intractable character.
$100 to have custom characters included into the games story.

We hope to see you in the front lines! ;)
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Haters Gonna Hate
So damn tempting but I already blew my fun monies on bird supplies.


Visual Novel Creator
*throws my wallet into a safe and bumps my head into a wall to forget the password*

wish you all the best! bumps for you!
You can run forever! Commission sales finds a way! >:3

We'll find a way...one speed painto or another...we'll find away for our college boy ;3


Visual Novel Creator

Alright, after going over with the team, we're gonna offer out optional seating placements for a much more reasonable price as appose to our patreon tier program. Why? Cause we need all these seats filled before our updates, that's why! >:3

So get a seat while they're still open! ^^

Starting Bid: (USD)
A $15
B $25
D $70
E $50
F $50
G $30
H $50
I $25
A $50
B $55
C $100
D $200
E $190
F $190
G $100
H $190
I $100

Bid below which one you want. Once bidding starts for a post, we'll wait till the 15 days until we close it! >:3

Place your bets in the bidding war below!
www.furaffinity.net: YCH, Right in our Game! (UPDATE!) by Regal_Tails
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Bets are on everyone! Bid now or forever hold your peace for the next 15 days for H,I,B,F,D and E...rest are up in the air! :3