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Your Character Here -- "Rookie Move"
www.furaffinity.net: Rookie Move -- YCH by werewolf-kun

This is a Spirits-themed YCH auction that I am hosting ! You get a chance at your character being trained by the mutant-hunter Mags. Although, there's a reason it's called training. This image will be shaded with at least a simple background. This image might also be used to promote my upcoming comic Spirits, so you might even see your character in this image in promotions I do ! Please note, however, that this is not guaranteed, but it may happen as I begin to promote the comic.

Preferably canines or some cani-form character for the slot.

The starting bid ($40) gets simple shading and a simple background for this piece. The higher the bids go, the more detailed the shading and background will be. If you autobuy, the background will be a fully detailed painterly background with detailed soft and cell shading.

Starting Bid: $40 USD
Minimum Increment: $1 USD
Auto-Buy: $70 USD

Bid in the comments of the image !
www.furaffinity.net: Rookie Move -- YCH by werewolf-kun
www.furaffinity.net: Rookie Move -- YCH by werewolf-kun