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Ye Olde Interwebz Nostalgia Thread


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I remember a lot of early sites I used to belong to, and sometimes take a look at via Wayback. Even found someone from decades ago! The nostalgia from the Angelfire, AOL days hits hard sometimes.

Which online forum or site or community was your first? Mine was one for some obscure Pet Sim, but I wasn't an active poster, then my first active postings were in a film forum


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The ROMHacking community was the first one I was active in. Pokemon came earlier, but I was a lurker back then.


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Lord of the Rings chatrooms on AOL. Back when the third movie was just coming out in theaters, God that was a fun time!


Yahoo Answers, Webs sites about people’s pets, and Hotmail/Live but I only talked to my alternate accounts or my cousin. Oh, and a comic making website called Pixton.

I later moved to using DeviantArt a bit, but then found the Sonic Fan Character Wiki and later ditched DeviantArt. But went back once I wasn’t interested in Sonic anymore. (Honestly that entire phase was Hell).


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The Road Rovers fan community, specifically RRHQ (which was run by a woman named Greywolf Lupus and featured some of the best RR fan fic on the net at the time), and the site run by Kylen Miles who was arguably the best fan artist and writer in the community (aka Artaith-21 on DeviantArt).

I miss those days badly, but that was almost twenty years ago.


I was introduced to a Minecraft server community (I won't say for multiple reasons) and I was a frequent member on there and even ended up becoming a staff member on there. I eventually began to hate the place as time passed and I ended up resigning and leaving the community for good. There's not many good people left on there, considering everyone basically left because the community eventually died out.

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Good grief that's going back, not sure I can remember. I've been a part of online communities since before Java was a thing, and then when Java became a thing it was so horribly unoptimised no site could barely run it.

I remember the days of Geocities and OnChat, it was one of the first social networks to introduce virtual world's and avatars.


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I'm remembering artists from way back when as well. Goldenwolf, for example. Omg who remembers Elfwood?? And Shezzyart? The competitor to DeviantArt before it fizzled out and died. The whole Jark drama on Deviantart. Anyone remember Queltyr WolfComet? (or Quel as her short name).

Heck, could just turn this into an internet nostalgia thread
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Heck, could just turn this into an internet nostalgia thread
In that case, let me show this...


I am not nostalgic for Yahoo Answers (wasted my fucking life on there) but I do miss when forums were more active and the old pixelated gif smilies.


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Gaia Online, Mausland.de, shiftup.net, furry.org.au....


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I miss this site, first furry forum I joined, maybe in 2008?

And though 18+, was divided into SFW and NSFW sections...and had a very rich, active RP section. Some of the best RPers ever, I met there : )

And I can't say I ever found a forum that really came close to replacing it; I tried this one on and off, as early as 2010, but it seemed stiff, judgmental and toxic, in comparison. Things have gotten better, here, though still, I miss being able to have a NSFW Forum Games Section :p