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Year of the Tiger, art needed for anthro tiger


My new sexy and man eating anthro tiger character needs some pretty and sexy art, I also need another outfit for her to wear. Oh and a reff maybe.
I have plenty of money to spare for this so, please if you like her, pm me on here or reply on here. Or if your willing to do some free art, that would be most appriciated <3

A bit about her:
Her name is Lexa
She is 19 Years old
She is an anthro Tiger
and she is somewhat of a maneater, and a real flirt and charmer. She knows how to draw her "Prey" in.

This green eyed feline sneaked on well defined legs. Her limbs streching to unbelievable lengths with a petite elegance. A visage of beauty beautifully wrapped in pink fur; her marbled stripes defining more curves than the average tiger. She was a real predator; staking out her prey with accusing eyes while topped in a mane of flowing, deep black hair. Her shoulders were clothed in a cropped cheongsam, sitting atop a champange brocade corset embroidered with cherry blossoms. The form fitting torso was tied in a traditional knot, also tipping the peak of her hiphuggers which were dashed in deep red. Be careful with your men, ladies; she was out for blood.

Current reff: