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I thought I might get this outta the way now...i'm not a child(I'm eighteen), i'm not a troll, but i'm not a bully either, i'm just a nasty person who likes to bother people around because I want to do it. Yes, that's right, I do it because I don't trust people, not anymore, and I certainly don't trust the internet, but will get to that part later. So, I don't wanna cause any drama in this thread, I just wanna say that i've been tortured all my life for no fucking reason, and now I do the same thing to all of the people out there because it makes me feel good about my fucking self.

And you know what else, I'm not gonna give anymore apologies because let's face it, I like being who I am, no one cared or loved for me, so why should I do the same thing to everyone else, I might as well just flip all of you off big time instead. So, if no one is gonna care about or accept me and what I think or say, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I CARE ABOUT OR ACCEPT ME WHAT YOU IDIOTS HAVE TO THINK OR SAY!!!! And also, I could care less about those who are being "blunt" to me, because frankly, they just sound like dicks to me.(e.i.Aloopoopoo(I decided to keep the person's name secret to avoid getting so-called in trouble))

I'm through with being or acting innocent, I decided to show who I really am, and what i'm capable of doing to those who try to get in my god damn way! That's right, I am person who has been treated like shit all his life, and i'm gonna treat everyone like shit, especially if you even TRY TO PISS ME OFF!!! Hell, I may have mood swings or personality disorder, or even both! But why should I give a big fat lump of dog shit about it, I'll just ignore it like a tumbleweed on LSD. If you're gonna treat me like hell, I might as well do the same. >:)

Now about the internet, what can I say, everyone in the internet is a piss-poor fuckhead, nothing but trolls and stupid ass poor-drawn memes in it. I've already been treated like fucking liquid fecal matter in my life now, so there's no way i'm going to be treated like that online, whether you bother me or not! So i'm watching all of you assholes out there, especially you, TheSkankCock!(Also another person's name I hid his identity with to keep him bawling like a pussy.) Look, maybe I could care for some people, but just because YOU don't care about me, doesn't give you the right to treat me like dirt for WHAT I THINK AND SAY!!! I'm a human being, I have feelings, and I shall be treated with respect and dignity, and I'll treat YOU with respect and dignity back! So if you don't like that, then fuck off, 'cause I will make you're life a living hell. I mean it.

Oh, and if you're reading this, I have already left FA. So yeah, I will be that person who likes to screw off everyone, whether I know you or not, that's just how I got treated in life, no matter how much I try and forget about it, I guess. So tough!

Bye, jackasses.

P.S. Whoever created TL;DR is the most retarded invention ever made since trolls. So, don't bother give me any of that crap or i'll shove it up where the sun won't fucking shine! Period.


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Are you really that butthurt because your thread was locked? I'm pretty sure you could of had a normal faf life if you just posted normally and dien't make new threads (ie this one). I forgot about your last thread until you posted this and the thing about the call-outs. :/


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autism speaks

or types, whatever


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So you're an asshole who is leaving the forum because we were mean to you?

Irony is pretty cool, but I think this is too much.


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I don't see anything productive coming out of this thread, so I'm gonna shut it down now.
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