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yes again

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doin free crap AGAIN! sorry if you're all tired of it but this time i'm doing somethign specific, in honor of my remembering i had pokemon soul silver(oh and the soon release of white and black) i am doing your choice of pokemon stuffs(even TFs cause i am almost kinda good at those...) so leave what you want here and i'll try to get it donw(don't be too disapointed though cause i still need work with non anthro body shapes) all of them will show up herehttp://www.furaffinity.net/user/hiishougeki/

post script: this thingy will stay open till i say it's closed so if you don;t see me saying other wise go ahead and add your request to teh bin

post post script: you don;t have to ask for a pokemon thing if you want something different i just thought it would be cool to give requests based on a theme
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Guess what mood I'm in today.
only pokemon stuff?
Not open for further replies.