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YHC (and related) filters

So, I know there are probably much more important things to be working on, but I was curious if there was a way to implement some kind of YHC/sale/ad/adopt submission filter, sort of like the SFW/NSFW filter.

Obviously there would have to be a submission option to mark it as an ad related item rather than the usual picture/story upload.

I'm personally not against anyone wanting to make money with their work, but over the past few years, the sheer amount of ads for that work has essentially turned the site into less of a gallery site and more of a commercial hub. I browse through images and see one, but "oops, it's a YHC" or "just an adoptable", etc. It really makes it difficult to find any pics that aren't just an ad of some kind.

Just curious is all.
Ahh, ok, I wasn't sure if this was the kind of thing that fell into the realm of the repeat ad postings or not. Carry on then :D