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yiff artists: does your family know?


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Thought this would be interesting to ask :p

I'm pretty open about drawing big furry doinks. I show coworkers if they are chill/interested and tell anyone (except my grandma, oh my god). People don't generally have negative reactions except for the ole "egh what the fuck?" look. I think the money involved justifies it enough for them, but I do get into "not all furries are animal rapists!" lectures pretty often due to lack of understanding.

That said I don't intentionally bring it up, it's not necessarily fun to talk about, but when I get asked about being an artist... Well, my "portfolio" is almost all furry bobs so it's a preface. If I'm talking to someone who's close-minded I just tell them animal portraits.

How about you?

Asher Grey

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My mother knows, and makes exasperated furry jokes about it. It's not the weirdest thing I've been into and made content for so generally she's chill about it. Then again, this is coming from the woman who raised me in nudist communities and chucked a vibrator at me as a joke. It really depends on who you're around. My extended family, well, I've met members from it only a handful of times in my life and we didn't really impress each other.


I turned myself into a raccoon Morty!!!!

I can imagine that brings all sorts of interesting commentary.XD


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My twin accidentally walked in when I was drawing a handsome foxo, but he's never brought it up.

I wouldn't tell the rest of my family though; I think my mum's still holding a candle that I'm going to get a wife and produce grandchildren.


My mother does not care about my hobbies and she is one those types that are squeamish when talking about sex of any form. Extended family?...... NOPE and I will leave it at that.


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My family are mostly very religious, so it's best if they don't know I draw yiff. I live alone, so it is highly unlikely that they'll ever find out. ;)o_O


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I am open about it, my boyfriend, cousin, and irl friends know. But my parents and family members dont know- and I intend to keep it that way! Theyre not the kind of people who would be chill with it :/

Spicy Cheeto

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Yiff is porn right? Yeah most of my family has no idea and are pretty religious. I have family members that do wedding ceremonies (with the Bible),work at churches and I even have distant family members that are missionaries in Africa apparently. So yeah....not going to tell them XD

The only person who does know is my mother and she encouraged me to keep drawing porn because we need the money XD. I actually bought some of my little bro’s birthday presents with some porn money recently. I’ll take that to my grave.I don’t feel guilty for not telling my family how I get the money I get because it’s only a drawing. Whatever I draw does not refiect how I feel in real life, especially toward attraction and sex (I feel nothing actually). But I would be mortified if my family found my content. I literally have drawn sexy demons,beastality and other horrific material which is not a “godly” thing to do that’s for sure.
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Van the cheesen one

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Nah my parents don't, that would feel strange to me o_O.
Some of my friends know, but they usually stumbled upon it by chance. Most of them are either cool with it or don't really care xD
I won't hide it, but I don't hit people over the head with it either.

Then again I don't do THAT much yiff art, usually just for requests~

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My family doesn't need to know how many furry tiddies I draw for cash. Not because they'd have a bad reaction to it, but because it'd just be awkward. Like watching a movie with your parents and suddenly there's a sex scene. That sort of awkward.


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It's one of those... they pretend to not know and I pretend not to know that they know, things, I think. Like, I'm pretty sure my parents have seen at least some of my furry smut, but my dad thinks of commission art as entrepreneurship regardless of subject matter, and my mom isn't really the kind of person to bring things she's seen by accident up unless she finds them directly harmful. They've definitely seen mild cheesecakey stuff from me.

It's more a reflection of how private I am in regards to sex and my reproductive health in regards to family than of finding furry smut art specifically shameful or awkward, though. That said dear god don't let my mother ever run across the more out there kinky shit I've drawn with my own fursona. That would be a bit like having her walk in on me in bondage or something.


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Revealed that I'd drawn adult content to my mother before because we were discussing possibilities of what a previous landlord might bring up if we were to take them to court over wrongful eviction (I lived in low-cost housing at a church, and they'd thrown out people for less at the time). Didn't tell her anything beyond that, though, so she knows I've drawn it before, but doesn't know it's the main thing I draw. My brother definitely knows, and is cool with it. Honestly any family member would be easily able to find out with a few clicks, but it doesn't bother me that much.


Oh, absolutely not. My friends know, but that's about it, haha. The extent my family knows about my commissions is 'I've been selling art!'