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Forum Yo I could really use some helpz...


Just a Digital Wolfy boi
So I've been a furry for 'bout 3 years now (I'm 15 btw) and have been dying to tell my mom. Shes always been so supportive of me and whatever I do. The problem, though, is that my brother is also a furry and my mom knows about it. He's only into the sexual side of things and he gave the furry fandom a "bad name" to my mom. I'm afraid that if I tell her shes gonna think that it's just one of my kinks or something. Plz someone halp meh.


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If I were you, I'd start with mentioning the Disney side of things, which helps to counteract the sexual side a bit. You can always note that like most things, there's always going to be a sexual side to it, but that's not necessarily all that you're here for! Depending on her age and opinions, D&D might also be a good reference for how fun and relatively innocent or not-so-innocent the roleplaying side can be. It will probably help her grasp that it's not just a fetish for you, and something more like a form of escapism, or entertainment in her eyes.