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Yo, what's up!

Cane McKeyton

Cane Christopher McKeyton
Hey there, Cane McKeyton here. Decided to get up off my lazy bum and sign up on the FA forums. I'm just a typical furry. 18, I like to draw, converse with others furs. I'm strait (now there's something out of the ordinary) and agnostic. So yah, that pretty much sums me up. Oh, and I live in Hawaii so fur contact in real life is rare for me.


Buff and Evil.
Actually we have some furs from Hawaii so you are not alone but welcome to FA Cane, hope you enjoy your stay here! *looks through belongings and hands you a steak*


He who shale be ignored...
Perrrsia: HAWAII X3!!!! Perrrsia always wanted to go to Hawaii. Perrrsia heard there are a lot of tasty fish there nyaa :3 Oh and welcome to FA nyaa =3

Yes, welcome. Interesting to hear that your from Hawaii. Are you native or just live there? In anycase, free paistries for new comers.