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You and the person above you are on a date


In love with cheese
So this game is simple!!
I used to do it a lot on the MAL forums and i loved it.
So basically you just comment about what you would do if you went on a date with the person above.
(It could be platonic or not at all)

Have fun~


Irish Kelpie Horse With Magic
This is so romantic lover mmmmmmmnnnnnnhhhh watching this mortal sacrifice go down in flames makes me so horny naughty wild thing I love you too my spooky love.
Im takin yall to church on our date. D:


Well Known Foxxo
Awww such a cute little spider ^-^ we’re going to the best web in all the park to get a tasty meal ~


Darn tootin'
I have no idea on where to take you. :V

I guess my place, some nice food(oh, and I am cooking. Don't even question it), a movie perhaps and some snuggling?


MadeFurYou sheppy boi.
We’d go to a really memorable restaurant, I think Italian .. After that do something fun! Maybe some laser tag/bowling. After that Netflix and chill at my place, probably show you my excellent back massage skills. Then of course tons of fur snuggles :D


Late Healer Ferret
I introduce you to my wife. And we all go kayaking.


skittering about
ok you look cuddly as heak! i may just spend the whole night giving cuddles and kisses with some videogames mixed in


Late Healer Ferret
I walk around with that amazing scarf you gave me and we find some good fine dining. I’ll hide you in the scarf and sneak you pieces so nobody loses their minds.