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You are now entering the Friend Zone

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I've been hearing a lot of negativity from feminist girl friends about the term Friend Zone. The complaints go about how the term Friend Zone is sexist and misogynistic because of reasons including the fact that it treats women as nothing but sex objects or fuck objects, implies that women can't say no without consequence, that the term is only used by asshole men who are angry that all women won't drop their panties for them, ect. They also say that just because a guy's a nice guy doesn't mean the girl has to put out, and most "nice guys" are only nice to get sex and turn into jerks when they can't get any. I think I've gotten all the reasons but probably forgot some.

I started this thread because I'm rather confused about all the controversy over the term. I think it's because of the way I understood the term myself.

To me "Friend Zoning" is when you're interested in dating someone and they say "no, I just want to be friends". In most situations the person wanting to date is a nerdy, geeky, ugly, or socially awkward guy, often unattractive. And it is assumed that the woman who say they just want to be friends are doing so because they're shallow and are judging the man by his looks rather than his personality.

Never until recently have I ever heard of the term Friend Zone as being anything else than a girl rejecting a geeky guy asking her out, possibly because she's looking for some "badass" guy who's hot, and judges people by their looks. Until recently I hadn't heard anything about the term being demeaning towards women, or only about sex, or only about fucking women.
I'll agree that women have a choice and a right to tell a man no, that she doesn't want to date him. Even if that choice is for a shallow reason, as all humans, men and women, can be shallow. Doesn't exactly make it right, if you reject someone based on looks alone, but we all have that freedom.
Still, when did the term become such a big issue with feminists?

FAF, any thoughts on this? Any women (or men) want to clarify what I might be missing here? Discussions on the term?


Oh well since no one is capable of forming coherent sentences I guess the thread is forfeit.
Not open for further replies.