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**You can patch EVE Online at the moment**


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Copypasta'ed from elsewhere
This is a bit of a public service announcement to anyone who plays Eve Online. Read this before you go installing the new patch and causing your PC to never boot again.
For the rest of you, due to an unfortunate wayward "/" the new fancy Eve Patch writes over the top of the system Boot.INI file. If the user then restarts their PC, they'll find that their computer will no longer start.
It really is the kind of massive fluff up that destroys companies, and CCP aren't big enough to shrug off the potential legal action and stigma that comes from this. I do hope they survive. I'd love to work in Iceland one day.

Well it's all good now but it's still a pretty large fuck up.


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RE: **I wouldn't patch EVE Online at the moment**

Ouch, I feel for anyone whose already patched the game and now can't start their PCs.

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RE: **I wouldn't patch EVE Online at the moment**


I've got EVE Online. I patched it the moment the servers came back up from updating to Trinity. I rebooted before any message got out about possible issues. And my comp still works. Granted, I had to make a new boot.ini file afterwards, and now I've got an account selection screen when I start up (not that it's a problem, just a bloody delay), but my computer suffered no catastrophic failure.

Windows XP Service Pack 2, if you were wondering.


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RE: **I wouldn't patch EVE Online at the moment**

<Insert generic rant about Windows file permissions here>


RE: **I wouldn't patch EVE Online at the moment**

Working in software myself I understand that these things happen, but as bugs go, that's a pretty gigantic one to miss.


RE: **I wouldn't patch EVE Online at the moment**

I went into the forums after patching to see if anyone else was having the same problem I was with missing laser effects. Good thing I did, because I was missing my boot file too. Fortunately, System Restore took care of it. But I doubt I'd have figured it out if I had restarted before I heard the news.

And just so everyone knows, the problem is fixed and the patch is now safe.

Apparently, the whole thing is the result of a single blackslash. EVE has it's own file named "boot.ini", but the installer was programmed to delete "/boot.ini" instead of just "boot.ini", which caused it to delete the Windows file. I guess that will teach them to name game files after critical system files. o_O

The biggest irony of all is that Windows Vista is immune. :p