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You die tomorrow, what song's playing at your funeral?


Lost in an internal soundtrack
Always thought this would be a funny/sad song. Hey it was lots of fun buuut I'm dead now lol.


Stray Cat Terry

I believe there will be no one left for my funeral. Not that I have bad relationships or anything, it's just that I shall be the very last one that falls..... unless one person.

Nah, anyways, the music's here!



Well-Known Member
Ode to Fury, by Miracle of Sound

I think it's a God of War song, but I'm not sure cuz I've never played the games.

Good to see another Miracle of Sound fan on the forums!

I'm kind of torn having Miracle of Sound's
Sovngarde Song and Malukah's I Follow The Moon

Sam Akuchin Wamm

Well-Known Member
great, they discontinued the song i was going to use.

well i guess i can't die now.