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You ever get distracted when drawing?

I'm asking this cause this is happening alot to me, everytime when I draw something, I can get easily distracted, it's taken me almost a week just to draw my fursona and I'm still not done with it, no hands no face no legs, barely anything, just a unfinished mess.

So what do you do when this happens to you?


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It depends what distracts you. For example I like to draw while looking at some film but I'm choosing films I know won't require too much of my attention (like films I already saw or that I don't really care about). I do that mostly for having a sound and some imagery that can help me find ideas or concepts.
To avoid getting distracted, I can use some tricks like to draw in the same place (my desk), to begin each time by a warm-up sketch of "pick-up-a-thing-you-like" to put myself into work with concentration.
If I still get distracted, I can remind myself how I like to draw, how it makes me happy, and so it helps me to concentrate again.
I also have personal goals linked to my drawings, so I can summon them to help me get some motivation when needed and when I'm motivated I get less distracted.
Last but not least, I can focus my attention on a specific point of the drawing. For example: I say to myself "and now I'll draw the eyes" and I focus on them, since it's a little task, it helps me get to the end of it and gain my attention back.

Do you know if something specific is distracting you? Do you have the same issue for other activities or just for drawing?

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I don't know, I do whatever entertains me like going on the internet.. and then of course I forget to draw.


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I can only draw 5-15, at most 30 minutes as a time otherwise I get immensley bored and tired, so I have to distract myself to regain motivation for later.
I’m still new to drawing, but I’ll usually do 15-30 minutes a day; It could be the same drawing or not, but usually after having a break I can spot things I didn’t catch before


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Considering I just drew revamped versions of a dragon genus for my story instead of my new comm? Yeah...


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All the time.
Food always, nothing puts me in mood for a snack like sitting down for a while. New YouTube uploads are hard to ignore as well.

Sometimes it's music. In the middle of drawing a guitar riff hits and I end up putting my thought energy into physical head motion.
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Never in my case, I think drawing is one of the few things that I don't get distracted from :') But I do put netflix with Friends playing because I know all the chapters so I just laugh and if there's a scene I love I watch it and continue drawing (¿?)


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Considering my terrible ADD and other mental issues mixing in combined with my lack of self-confidence in art (despite that I CAN draw and learn well), I do get distracted a lot sadly...
However, I have been trying to find ways to keep myself focused on doing work, and I found out that putting on video game soundtracks actually helps me!
I watch a certain person on the net and they mentioned this on their post. Tried it, and I managed to get some work done!
So now I kind of want to invest in some videogame soundtracks for art working purposes as well as other things that I have problems focusing on recently (also makes me regret not bringing in my collection of old-school Square-Enix game soundtracks with me like my Final Fantasy Collection...)


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I like to have the tv on in the background while I draw, relaxes me. Sometimes, something will be good on and I half draw/half watch said show. Music distracts me, but is nice to draw to. Can be inspiring. I get distracted super easy, hence why I don't really draw much these days. lol


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Story of my life. XD Sometimes I get in "the groove" am hyper focused and then I get in the antsy distracted moods (like right noooow, lol.) You need to find something that will keep you focused. For me, it's having Podcasts to listen to as I do art. That way, my mind is listening to the radio hosts while my hands and eyes are attending to my art. The light multi-tasking gives me little room to be distracted. Otherwise, my mind wanders, and I will pull away from my art...


I still have drawings from months ago that I just put away. I'm actually supposed to be drawing art for my favorite lead singer that I have a little more than a week to work on and I don't even have the lineart complete. Oh well, I'm a professional procrastinator and I know how to get things done at literally the last minute!