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You ever like have a crush on someone's stupid ass fursona


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No. I don't find them appealing in that way. I just think they're a cute drawing if anything. :p


There's at least one person who I find more attractive now because I saw a side of them in character that I might have otherwise missed. It's not so much their fursona but what they bring to it that caught my attention. Not that I'm crushing on them, or anyone for that matter, but they might have potential under the right circumstances. Where exactly does one's fursona end and persona begin anyway? It's one thing if they're playing a character that's not meant to be like them, but quite another if they're basically playing an idealized version of who they are or would like to be.

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Well all I can say is that you're all equally fuckable. And if we meet in real life, I'll just close my eyes and pretend it's not you. :V