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You know what's weird?


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My werewolf stories seems to attract all the annoying transformation fetishists on DeviantArt who assume just because I like werewolves, I'm one of them who get off to the sound of bones cracking and clothes tearing (which is always wrong in the movies, BTW, clothing would pop at the seams before their shred like that, and the sheer inaccuracy of it annoys me). But my readership on FurAffinity are mostly just vanilla werewolf enthusiasts. You'd think it would be the other way around.

Take, for instance, this completely-unsolicited note I got a few months back from someone who had just started watching me. sta.sh: Suggestion

Frank Gulotta

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I think I know why. On FA there's a category named after TF, so fetishists browse that (and might stumble upon your work by accident), whereas on DA they have to search for keywords manually, and one of the keywords they can try, is "werewolf", I suppose.


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Hmm.... in all honestly - my advice would be to just milk it for whatever it's worth... for any kind of publicity, that you may get out of it..... (even though some of the things that they're "into" may not necessarily be your cup of tea).... :D

As the more followers, and more watchers you have, could mean that more of your content is more known also; and thus, it could be more revenue for you later on down the road, perhaps.... if you wish to eventully try to sell your wares, (if you haven't already).

Who knows, right?
Already working on it. That's why when I commissioned the cover for my novel I specifically instructed the artist to give my main character a really nice ass. :p