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you know you a fur when


B is for Bull****
When you you wake up, stretch, roll around, and then go back to sleep. and repeat every ten minutes.

And Guilty I love the feeling of scatching the behind my ear too.


just jammin'
you mention to your friend, "how the heck did something as inoccent as chip and dale turn into a male strip show?" he responds, "I'll bet it was started at a fur meet." This almost makes you ask if he was a furry, but then you think twice and say, "yeah, um... no." mostly because you know what would entail if he said no. Although it makes me wonder why the heck he know so much about furries.... oh well


I can has keep paw and cupcake pl0x?

+ I know I'm a furry when I do this in Spore Creature Creator:

U Likes? :3
He's some sort of a Tiger with a long tail that has a mace ball at the end. I call him the Long Tail Mace Tiger. :p
:D Meet the Cack lol



When you have dreams of becoming a furry

*Raises Paw*

Guilty =D


B is for Bull****
When you have an itch on your back, and you decide to rub your back on the floor instead of sratching it with your hand.



-pokes Jalean- x3
When you're picking out a card for your friend for a birthday, anniversary, whatever, and it is always remotely animal-related because YOU thought it was cute and funny.

Or buyityourselfandcutouttheimage. o-o


Tastes Like You Only Sweeter
how's that work for you Placebo???
(p.s. u do know that an actual placebo helps u to take a crap right? THAT could get awkward in a conversation...)


B is for Bull****
A placebo is a sugar pill. It's meant to trick the mind in to thinking it took medicine. Or for parent to catch kids who are lying about being sick.


Bull ****?
You know you're a fur when you try to think of a way for your horns to fit through a kevlar helmet.

(oorah military furs)


A placebo is a sugar pill. It's meant to trick the mind in to thinking it took medicine. Or for parent to catch kids who are lying about being sick.
I had to take a placebo test for 3 weeks. It had a 60% chance of being a placebo, but it wasn't. They were testing a medication on me. To which I had an extremely adverse reaction and passed out after having a crying fit and hysteria in a grocery store.

And guess what? I'm going to get into pharmacy tech to prevent things like that happening to teens and kids. Kids should have the option to sign for themselves if they want to be a guinea pig. I wasn't offered that choice. My parents even threatened to call the cops to make me sign. *sigh*


You know you are a furry when you have frightened your mother by growling at her when she entered your dark room. {It was the middle of the night and I was half asleep}
Your friends have taken to calling you kitten even if they don't know what a furry is.
You hiss and swipe when someone ticks you off.
And when the first thing you do anytime you get access to a computer is get on these forums :p


B is for Bull****
I've stopped actually growling, now I just make the face.


...when you have a one track mind towards pretty lights and weird sounds

...when your friends decide to buy a dog leash to keep you from wondering off because of your one track mind

I'm guilty to both of them