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You open the door, and the fur above you is....



The rules are simple. You walk in on the avatar above you, and what is he/she/they doing? Decide what you walked in on them doing, and the cycle continues there!


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin
They are spying on others


Top hatted fox
He's wearing his hat. Only his hat. And he keeps throwing it up into the air like its some kinda ringtoss game--

(I feel like one day I'm gonna come back and your icons gonna be different because of all these attacks on the hat.)

(I feel like its a fun running gag with my icon, no mater what place i am in the forum,my hat will get dammaged hahaha)

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
I open the door and @lenago is hastily slamming the door of a closet. But I've seen what was in it. Hats. Piles and piles of hats, all with different damage inflicted to them. And brand new ones too, lots and lots of them waiting to be worn and abused in the various parts of the forum.