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You open the door, and the fur above you is....


Deleted member 111470

I open the door and the person above me is holding a gun pointed at me. Go on, then. Shoot.
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Canis Centuarus
Deliverrr... whats with the bridal and the riding crop?


Random Posting Sheepo
I walk into the living room and see Faustus hanging on the ceiling fan like a true bat would.

Why here of all places? Also, why hanging on a rickety fan like that which looks like it's gonna break at any moment now?


Random Posting Sheepo
*Opens the door and sees you trying to make your hair into a nest for small birds in front of a mirror*

Uuummm... What are you trying to do? Become a Disney princess, or something?

sleepy kitty

Master of all cats!
*Opens the door and sees you gorging yourself on Poké puffs and Poké beans*



I put the fun in dysfunctional
Eating pizza. MY pizza. And you're not sharing.