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You own the person above you for a day


cat wolf
Make you sign a contract that forever makes you my servent :3


Professional Watermelon Farmer
@ConorHyena : You must dress and appear as one of the original members of the Ramones, for a day, and have a bad, punk rock attitude : P


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Only if you dress up as one of the original members of Pink Floyd and do the psychedelic.

Certainly! I like Syd Barrett solo and early Pink Floyd a great deal, no worries! Recalls the more idyllic years of college, exploring music of that era/genre, and more time to have fun.........why people are so eager to get out of university and 'work' has always been beyond me : P


*gives you wood, some special cheese and sauce*
Make me more of that delicious calzone please ^^
you're one hungry guy aren't you??
aiight *cooks up some callzones, real quick*
You want extra sauce or cheese??

Niru the Husky

Can easily be persuaded with bacon...
Late response, but...
Extra extra-cheese and extra extra-special sauce pls ;D


Niche Internet Microcelebrity
All you have to do today is laugh at all of my dumb jokes and speak in nothing but Letterkenny quotes.


Niche Internet Microcelebrity
I can do the first and dismiss the second one?



Sow of Substance
You will for the next month dress and behave in a manner appropriate to a 75 year old homeless woman in the depths of dementia.

blue sky love

you will eat worms for 5 hours. Nothing but dead worms as spiders crawl all over you and bats cry in the distance


aka Cutter Cat
You will dress up in a My Little Pony fursuit and only speak in pony quotes.


Trash connoisseur
You will rock out that Cutter Cat fursuit at a dog park. Time for some mischief!

*innocently chitters*