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You own the person above you for a day


Joy Boi
Its time to get to hugging meeeeeeee


Joy Boi
Snugs all day!


Joy Boi
I could use some snug time *Hugs you tightly*

Baron Tredegar

Master of Forgotten Lore
We shall spread furry chaos throughout Georgia!

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
Migrate one state over into Alabama. Then go to the Birmingham Museum of Art. In the African art exhibit, you'll find a scroll if you tap the water fountain on the left 3 times 3 seconds apart. (MAKE SURE IT'S THE ONE ON THE LEFT THE ONE ON THE RIGHT WILL EXPLODE)

If you've followed my instructions exactly, the scroll will reveal 3 clues. Follow the clues, each leads to a slip of paper with a riddle. Solve the riddle, and write the answers down in invisible ink ( a pen will be hidden in the water fountain as well) At EXACTLY the stroke of noon during the summer solstice at the north pole, the sun will shine in a manner such that when all 3 pieces of paper are held in unison, they will reveal a set of coordinates.

Proceed to the coordinates, which will reveal location X. Beside location X there will be an abandoned strip mall. Across the street from that there will be a Wendy's. Go inside and order 1 Baconator sandwich medium combo with a Root beer and a small frosty. The employee will give you an address. Take the food to that address. pls hurry I'm getting hungry


Explosion loving skooma cat



I love you all <3 We had a good run
I need a good sparring partner


Scara is on her honeymoon; Currently Ronin
You'll get up to some professional monkey business. (You'll help me find a new pair of earrings) Tee hee hee. Great minds think alike after all!
HMMMM what if I buy you permanently?


Joy Boi
SCARA, we will rule THE WORLD