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-You Should Try Fighting-

Antonin Scalia

Another Great Post
I can tell you just by looking at the post your picture thread that ya'll are some weak ass nerds who at some point (it will happen) will have someone try and fuck up your shit. So why not prepare yourself for the occasion and get fit too, and maybe you might even accidentally have some fun. This might not be the best OP but I will try to be explain what I know as best I can. Keda!


One of the most popular combat sports, it has endless variations of technique, and I can say without a doubt there is probably a boxing gym wherever you live. It's absolutely a solid base to build your martial arts experience, however be aware that if you stick with only one discipline, you will not be as well rounded as someone with practice in many. Boxing only allows you to use your hands, and strikes are limited to certain areas (no neck hits, nothing below the waist, etc.). It's definitely a good starting point, though, and will allow you to build up your skill a good amount.


Jiu-Jitsu (no not Ninjitsu that's for anime sperglords) is a ground based martial art, primarily focused on grappling with an opponent using things like headlocks and chokeholds. This is especially useful if you wish to do MMA, as you will often find yourself on the ground after sparring with your opponent. You'll be rolling around on the ground a whole lot, but that's the point! You will have to get the other guy on the ground in the first place, which will involve striking with your fists and other techniques, in addition to groundwork. You won't be striking during practice, which will allow you to use all of your power and speed, which is a plus.

Krav Maga

Emphasizes quick and efficient hits, with maximum brutality. This is what they teach the military, and there are no real Krav Maga competitions, as each opponent would end up in the emergency room (you can still start off in KM like I did, since it is all about the basics of fighting in the beginner levels). Most of what you'll be doing is lethal combinations of strikes and kicks, and in the higher levels, weapon disarmament. Generally, you won't be on the ground too much (if you're on the ground in a real fight you're probably losing!). This is what I started off doing, and it is extremely easy to get into.

What You'll Need

- Gloves: for boxing you will need weighted boxing gloves, for everything else, get a pair of 6oz or 4oz MMA gloves, preferably open palmed
- Shorts: boxing shorts, but really any gym shorts will do outside of competition
- Mouthguard: these are literally everywhere, try any sporting goods store

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them!


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
Im lazy, im just going to buy a gun.


He's like, this guy, you know?
I prefer "bumper jack to the back of the skull and/or knees" style, myself.

Antonin Scalia

Another Great Post
Or, if he's not retarded, he'll keep a safe 2+ meter distance while holding the gun at you, rendering all of your martial arts training useless.

And that will happen in real life... never. Literally never, ever outside of a combat situation because most people with a gun are stupid as hell. END DERAIL
But I take taekwondo. And you won't believe how many neutral reactions you get from people when you just never talk.



a sentient shade of teal
Depending if he has the mental and emotional strength to shoot you.

On the other hand, there are many non-lethal alternatives that don't need as much consideration as a gun to be used and still is much more effective than trying to fight hand to hand.

Also I figure you live in Europe. Can you even buy weapons there?

Depending on country, usually yes, but it involves a lot of legal business.
A hunting or sport shooting license is what ownership is usually based upon.


what youll need
hockey helmet
ambulance nearby for when you get brain damage


Boxing, if you do it a lot over the course of your lifetime, does tend to cause damage.

M. LeRenard

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I don't have the time to become Jackie Chan, I'm afraid. My technique is to not go into dangerous areas at dangerous times of day, and to stick around crowds of people or busy thoroughfares where people are less likely to try something. Psychology also helps a lot, too, but you'd know that if you've done combat training.


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I used to do Karate, but that was a log time ago. I also did some Capoeira. Just started learning how to box though. I'm not very good at it since I'm clumsy and I'm a very tall target, but practice makes perfect.

Ad Hoc

I practiced a self defensive martial art for nearly ten years. Then my joints started falling apart (literally, I dislocate over nothing) and the most high-impact martial art I can handle is Tai Chi. I've basically given up on being able to survive serious hand-to-hand combat because I can't punch a guy without my metacarpals popping out of place. I can't even run away because my metatarsals will do the same after about 50 feet.

I intend to buy a taser. I'm not sure what other practical thing there is to do.
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