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You Tube video help

Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
Hello all, Art Vulpine here!

I'm planning on starting a podcast on You Tube consisting of thoughts on books I've read, movies I've seen, etc. Now I have Audacity for the audio which I'm doing some recording tests, but my question is about the visual aspect. Can an image be uploaded straight to You Tube that will stay on the screen during the duration of the audio clip, or do I need to have a video editing program to do this?

Basically, I'm a newbie at audio/ video production, so any advice would help!


Art Vulpine


The Most Handsome Devil
I do know Youtube has its own video editor, but i never bothered to use cause I had video editors installed on my laptop

If you're doing audio only and want a picture, id use always use the installed windows movie make, got a pic, then had the pic span for as long as the audio went for

But you dont have to do podcast on only just youtube. You can also use SoundCloud, where all you gotta do is upload the audio and the only pic you really have to worry about is your profile pic


Sony vegas also works well, lots of rendering options (might have to google a bit to find the best one for you) and if you torrent it you might wanna be careful :p