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You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you


Lonely pup
umm hi there when did you jump onto my bed you cute girl?


670 blp
oh hi there now get out of my bed or you get hit in your cute fluffy face


Your friendly neighborhood Executioner
I'll hire the Green Goblin to take you the George Washington bridge. Let's hope you have someone to save you.


Lonely pup
Hogs all the blankets and looks over to his shoulder. Get off


Lonely pup
I don't know where your wife is. but good thing that you rolled out of my bed


You can call me Oni~
Well hello there, stud-muffin~ Would you like another go? Kehee~;)


Since the game section is gone, this thread went away with it. The game was funny at times so I thought I would bring it back. Title says it all. Now, what do you do?

Edit as of April 12th, 2016: Keep the "kinkiness" done to a minimum since it'll probably make more people feel uncomfortable. We don't want this to be a sexual role play thread.
Hello. give me ice cream or i throw you out the window.


✮ Banter Squad Member ✮
Wouldn't you mind getting out of my GODDAMN BED. YA BISH