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You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you


Frequent DOM-inoes customer

Who's is you?
I am a product of your imagination and the 25lbs of weed you just snorted. I shall be your guide into SinglePringle's Chocolate Cube

*music begins as we step into candy covered boat floating down a river of sewage melted chocolate*

Come with me

and we'll see

a world of OSHA violations

try my candy

it'll be

several years past its expiration


Cute cow that likes computer hardware
Are you here to help with the daily milking times?

*Opens the bedroom window and screams it's milking time to all the cows!*



mmm wonder what I’m gonna do today-

*sees who’s beside me*


man... why do I always gotta attract the non good looking dudes...



*shots fired* >:}


The hecking hecker
Unless you brought breakfast, out. :<

And give me my damn socks!