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You wake up in one bed with your fursona, your reaction?


Dream and live
Just imagine: You woke up in one bed with your fursona. How you would react to this? Personally, I would be incredibly shocked and confused.

Baron Tredegar

Ukraine Strong!
Dammit, why did my fursona become real instead of me becoming my fursona! Why does this world have to be so cruel!


Happy Pride Everyone!! | Friendly Maney+Phoenix
hehehe weeeell~~ first off, I'd be confused but also very excited, if he/she/shi(as they is also genderfluid ofc uwu) is still asleep I'd just snuggle them and feel the Fluuuff!! <3
if not and we're both awake probably we would have a spiderman moment of heey! you're like me "but furry!!! <3"/"shaved monke!! 0-o"

and we would just become best friends, and share everything together, which would be easy because we're the same but from another universe lol

and possibly have some... super snuggle times and~ 7w7
but that's way beyond after waking up XD

Dammit, why did my fursona become real instead of me becoming my fursona! Why does this world have to be so cruel!
(this would be another reaction I'd have lol)

Kit H. Ruppell

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Anthro Fox: Be the big spoon <3
Big Feral Bird: Maybe let him loaf on my back.


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Well. . .he'd smell, and he'd take up the whole bed and probably tear the sheets. Chances are the bed frame would collapse from his weight. I'm not sure he'd be friendly towards me because he's grumpy.


I'd very shocked then worried that he doesn't like me.
I would say we'd get frisky but he's gay so yeah, no.

The Spirit Guardian

Brother Of Ori
Well that would be wonderful! After all, that would be a nice thing, since that would mean I'd have a pal who truly can relate to things I enjoy! We'd have all sorts of fun together, ranging from climbing trees, to exploring the place where I reside, maybe even just sit in said trees to watch the sunrise, sunset, or just to admire the view. When it rains, we could play about in there, splashing in the puddles, or admiring the natural showers. When it snows, we could mess about, snowballs fights with playful intentions! When it's windy, we could wear scarves and watch them flap and wave around!

Maybe even travel the world so that we could both enjoy the natural beauty the world has to offer! Needles to say, we would have a ball, all while appreciating nature and what it offers to us.


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Me, a phonetics nerd: "You can start by going through all the sounds in this chart so we'll see which ones your mouth can articulate. Hurry up, I have two more charts after that one!"