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Young fur new to the forums


Young and awkward
Hello! I just joined the forums and I'm not really sure where to start ekk I didn't see any rules about minors so I hope I'm allowed to be here,,,

Anyways, I'm GreenGummies, an artist, and I've been in the fandom for a few months. I'm really just looking for friends and advice/what to do, as many furry related activities are adult restricted. Any responses are appreciated, thank you!


Young and awkward
well here's what you do as a furry.
You see that money over there?
You spend it.
Spend it on art.
(but seriously try like open chat or last post wins)
Ahah, I wish I could spend all my money on art :')
Thank you for the suggestions! I'll check them out.


Engineering Wolf
Hello and welcome to the forums. For furry stuff there's a lot of us that are happy to help you out with that, just talking about furry stuff and what to do with the fandom.

As for the being a minor stuff, practice good internet safety rules, try to stay out of stuff that sounds adult like, and just stay away from furs that come off as creepy or weird in the bad ways.


Well-Known Member
Welcome to forums mate, place is safe and rather family friendly as long as you avoid certain creepy bobcat