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Young Furries?

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It says the guy wanted to meet people in his age group. Guy's gone, so now what? The topic should atleast be used for young furries to communicate, if its not to be left to die.

Derailing a thread will also get it locked eventually. So either way it will die if not left to stay on track.


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Ew, freshmen


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I'm 18... but... I look like a 14 year old girl. :p

Nathan Wolf

I finally feel excepted...
Oh yay, this is why I hate school, I miss all the fun topics, (BTW guys, someone in my school IS a furry!!! FurAffinity was blocked! Even the forum! I'm going to hunt him/her down if I have to.)

Anyway, I am 16, I know this topic is crowded enough and there have been nice hugs everywhere but I thought I should still post this even though I posted my birth date on other topics. :p
Haha, I posted anyways
Not open for further replies.