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I know it's hard?
But as soon as you begin having less fucks to give about how people perceive you, the happier you will be.

Stop getting your validation from people. Learn to validate yourself.


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try not to give out personal information. Also don't show your face.

Ouch. Sure he isn't that bad looking.

So, show your face, just not in public after you come out as a furry.

Run. Run and don't look back.

That's good. because you know, we blend in with wildlife.

Good safety tips, everyone.

I guess, don't eat yellow snow is my contribution. Also, being gay isn't required, but helps?


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Don't take yourself too seriously, furry is a hobby/interest, not an identity. Stop caring that people on the internet hate us, most people don't even know what furries are in the first place anyway.

Also be careful with the information you give and don't do things you're not comfortable with. There are predators in the fandom, and I don't mean people with carnivore sonas


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Be a scientist and stop aging. I'm only 24 but already with back problems.
Fix the future, smol-lings!

Oh, and enjoy your childhood. That's important.
Be honest, and never be greedy. Enjoy the small things you have, and never demand anything from your parents. Except love. You must earn their love.


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Don't give personal identifiable information. No matter how old or young someone says they are.

Being a furry is a hobby, it's not an identity so skip the whole "coming out as a furry" thing everyone does

Don't use profile pictures of art or characters that don't belong to you. Use a real animal if you must or something else.

Stay out of drama

Quit making your characters OP in RPs


Youngins want some advice, eh? Let ol' Kinny give ya some words of warning...

- Don't lie about your age. It can be big trouble for you and anyone who you lie to if you do and happen to be a minor, so it's just not worth it. Nothing good can come from something built on lies.
- Never give out personal info, especially if you are under age. Saying what state or country is fine, but city or phone number or anything like that is a no-no. Especially if you are a minor and make it known, predators will target you.
- If you decide to meet someone, don't go without a parent or guardian if you're a minor. If you're not a minor, make sure you only meet in a very public place and don't go anywhere private with them until you're very sure that they're not going to harm you (meet up multiple times to make sure). If they're not willing to put in that little bit of effort, then they're probably just looking to use or abuse you, so don't fall for guilt tripping if they seem mad.
- Be smart with money. 10% of every paycheck goes in savings and is only touched for emergencies, maybe even consider looking into investments if you have enough disposable income to do so. Do not get a bunch of credit cards or loans, even be careful about student loan debt - try to plan well if you're going to go to school and make sure it's something you will stick with, if school is not for you then don't do it. If I could go back in time and tell my younger self one thing it would be that bit there. I've screwed up my life so badly because of awful monetary decisions from 18-21. Don't be me.
- Be you and be proud of it. Don't let people tell you who you are. Recognize your flaws, work on them where possible, but look for friends who can accept you for them.
- Keep an open mind on many different subjects, especially if you have no idea about them. If you're gonna debate something, do so with facts and not feelings.

That's all I can think of for now, hope it helps.


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Unless your confidence is big and you are not afraid what people will say, do not tell people that you are furry.


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Don't give personal identifiable information. No matter how old or young someone says they are.

Being a furry is a hobby, it's not an identity so skip the whole "coming out as a furry" thing everyone does

Don't use profile pictures of art or characters that don't belong to you. Use a real animal if you must or something else.

Stay out of drama

Quit making your characters OP in RPs

This - pretty much.

Would add one: Don't lie about your age to get in NSFW chat rooms.


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Quality over quantity with characters (not necessarily artistic talent, but thoughtfulness of the design). Unless someone is asking or it's part of an RP, people usually don't care about unwarranted character life stories or hear how they have all these perfect talents/powers.

While quite a few people in my life know about my hobby, I still use separate accounts for furry stuff VS "irl" stuff.

You're not going to win any arguments with trolls or defeat raiders in discord servers, just block an move on. Or better yet, avoid most servers to begin with.

Have fun and explore the different creative outlets the fandom provides like drawing, reading/writing, socializing, talking to other furs about similar interests, and things like that! Your sona is a representation of you (in one way or another), and your actions define how others will remember them.

Be nice and remember the artists you commission are people. too.

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Don't give out personal information.

Don't take being a furry so seriously that you start eating animal food or washing yourself with animal formulated products.

Don't share your age, gender or sexuality because everyone in the fandom are so fucking discriminatory it's sad.

Shitpost like the world is ending.

Acknowledge that Foxes are the best, end of...

Furry is not a sexuality. I repeat, not a sexuality.

Shitpost like the world is ending.

Spend all your money on the best artists commissioning all the best NSFW art.

I think that about covers it, for now.


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Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

A little kindness can go a long way.

For fluffs sake Don't make a Mary sue Sona and be OP and successful at everything! (Her Royal Nuttiness hates this very much.)

Be friendly. Be polite. Listen/read carefully what furs are trying to tell you before you spout nonsense.

But above all. Have fun, be yourself, enjoy the fandom!


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Don't "come out" as a furry. If it comes up, just say you like anthro animals. It's worked for me. (As I'm a furry artist, I just tell people I like to draw them for the fantasy element and the challenge of blending human and animal characteristics without being creepy). So many people feel like they need to "come out". This IS something you can keep to yourself, and it's not going to ruin you if no one knows. Make it a fun secret! Sometimes I like pretending I'm my 'sona when I'm out, and how they might react to the world around them. Dress like your 'sona does. Figure out how you'd "Disney Bound" your 'sona. (disney bounding is basically using normal clothes to evoke a character+costume without dressing exactly like the character.)

Otherwise? What they said.

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I almost forgot. The king/queen, nay, emperor of Last Post Wins is @Akartoshi, accept no substitutes.


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Ask more experienced people for advice when you need it, but don’t feel obligated to follow that advice slavishly if something about it feels off. Trust your gut in that regard - it’s better to miss out on a couple of benign things that felt like they might be sinister, than to tell yourself you’re just being paranoid and possibly get into a bad situation. If someone warns you against something, more research is warranted before disregarding their advice, however.

Furries may be ostracized in a few small communities (think individual gaming forums and similar), but by and large if you don’t treat it like a big deal, people around you won’t, either, unless they have it in for you for other reasons. People finding out that you’re into furry crap won’t generally be the end of the world any more than them finding out you play D&D or collect model trains.

Popularity is 99% just numbers. It doesn’t matter how many followers someone has or whatever; if they’re a dick, they’re a dick. That said, it’s also good to be aware that starting shit with an influential individual comes with a greater risk of abuse than if you have a tiff with someone less well-known. The important point here is that the number of followers someone has doesn’t make them right about any given issue.

Don’t lie about your age and don’t start drama if you run afoul of a site or server’s rules. Learn from the experience and don’t repeat the problem behavior, instead. I know it can be tempting to misrepresent your age in order to get access to content and areas you otherwise wouldn’t, but you open everyone else using that service up to liability, which is seriously Not Cool.

Don’t enter master/pet relationships through fandom, and don’t treat furry art and writing as a substitute for sex ed. There’s both ignorant people and bad actors in the former (which is likely to end up to your detriment either way - I know this from experience), and outright dangerous or impossible acts portrayed in the latter.

Don’t be a dick to other people. Not even if you think they deserve it.

Remember that not everyone will be telling you the truth.

Don’t listen to people who try to tell you that you don’t belong. Furry is not some exclusive club.

Don't take being a furry so seriously that you start eating animal food or washing yourself with animal formulated products.
I don’t think all animal-formulated products are created equal in that regard, tbh. I’ve used my semilonghair cats’ leave-in conditioner to help untangle really matted/tangled hair in the past, because it can make hair silky/slippery without needing to get it wet. It’s something to be approached with a hefty helping of judgment, however, and I suppose as such not a great idea for everyday use. There’s also some milk bones (IIRC, it’s some kind of dog treat cracker thing anyway - check the ingredients) that are fine for human consumption.

Mane n’ Tail is fine, too.