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Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

Slytherin Umbreon

Black Lives Matter
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A Dirty Rat
When my brother enlisted in the Navy, a goobermant man came to our house to interview our mom because the area he wanted to go into involved high levels of classification or something like that. My brother was just 18, had no criminal record or any sort of incidents, not so much as a detention in school.

The file the guy had on him was still INCHES THICK.

They’re recording everything you do, and I don’t mean that in a paranoid way. It’s just how it’s been for a long, long time, since recording devices were invented. It’s just easier to see now.

If it makes anyone feel better, 99% of the population isn’t doing anything worth watching, anyway. I used to sell computer parts and people would come in all the time with tape over their webcams paranoid the CIA was spying on them and I was like, “What are they gonna see when they look through your webcam, huh? You picking your nose and staring forward blankly for hours?”