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Your Best Weapon


Hamburger time.
My bare hands. Brutal Doom and FotNS are probably the most destructive.

Gauss/rail weapons are also acceptable.
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... >.> <.< The wrist knife thingy from AC. Portal gun, if you can call that a weapon, and in Resident Evil 5, the unlimited rocket launcher.

And in LoZ, the boomerang.

irl: bats.


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Oh that reminds me: The Nano Rifle from Red Faction as well as the Singularity Bomb/Cannon


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Feeling Loki with it.


The AMR in Fallout New Vegas is a favorite. "A Light Shining in Darkness" is also pretty badass for executions and the like, though it's not particularly powerful.

10mm Penetrator (Perhaps the most Freudian gun of all time) from F.E.A.R made me giggle like a little school girl the first few times I used it. It's always fun to hit people from below with it. The shotgun in that game was also a lot of fun, but I always like shotguns.

Some of the weapons from Borderlands were fun, at least until I leveled up and they became little more than overrated massaging devices. Hard to stick with one gun in that game.

Overall though I'd say the AMR though. I've always had a fondness of sniper rifles, and one that can turn targets into hail of flaming meat chunks in a single hit warrants extra recognition. It's a weapon that blurs the line between "fighting" and "smiting."
The Quake II railgun. Everything about it. The damage. The accuracy. The beam. The pounding sound it makes as soon as you press the mouse button. The gibs flying everywhere. EVERYTHING.


Just look at that badass mofo.


Love playing on instagib servers. One hit rails. Infinite slugs. Beautiful custom maps. Shit never gets old.
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Gradius: Ripple Laser
Spreadshot (you know the fuck where)
And THIS ship, the Do-NX-AH-16B Biaxe! Lookit dat sway!! <(O.O<) (>O3O)>

Oh yeah...and that Razor Wind.


Probably a Desert Eagle, mainly in CS 1.6, CS:S, Killing Floor, and Left 4 Dead 2. Aside from that, the super shotgun in DooM 2.

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I've become fond of the MP-412 Rex in BF3.


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The katana in Conker's Bad Fur Day, oh the number of Tediz heads I've severed! The magic boomerang in any of the LoZ games that it's present in (The Gale boomerang in TP was also pretty bitchin'), aaaaand Maya, my level 100 Dragonite (Hyper beam, Flamethrower, Ice beam, Thunderbolt)(Atk-336 Def-249 SpAtk-264 SpDef-264 Spd-221).


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Real life? My Six inch .357 S&W 686.

In videogames? Got a couple.

BF3: SU-35 Super Flanker >:3 On infantry maps, I'm happy to rock faces with the AN-94 with Kobra sights, Spas-12, or QBU-88 with Kobra sight.

Halo Series: Sniper and good ol' BR.

And my all time favorite videogame weapon? Turok 2's Cerebral Bore. It's EXACTLY what it says on the tin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CaiXVbFZXI

Also, did someone mention the razor wind?! 8D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWgwBBNWpZU *6:50


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Long range, Sniper rifle.. MSR or Barrett .50BMG, while I have my preferences I normally go with accuracy over range or power.
Mid-Close FNP90(when available), or DMR, M14.

Sadly most shooter game's selections of rifles... is lacking...

In GRAW FS i normally always go with either an Sniper or DMR and FN90 in semi auto(disappointed they don't have burst shot on it).
Halo(varies heavily depending on map...) normally a sniper and dmr(carbine, br, dmr, ect..)

Almost any other game, sniper with dmr backup.
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Now this is a tough one, but... Any of the Unreal Tournament rocket launchers, Doom's super shotgun, Bioshock's shotgun with electric buckshot, or Borderlands' Combustion Hellfire. That's not even getting me started on MW4's UAC2's. :D


The Colt Python from the Resident Evil series. Just aim well and watch the zombie head go pop. Never got old ^^


6150 rpm and spinning.
Oh yes! And before I forget! Unreal's Flak Cannon! Professional flak monkey at work. >:3