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Your-Character-Here Auction!


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www.furaffinity.net: Cycle of Fall - YCH Auction by ShortConcepts

I am opening a new YCH auction! This one will take place for the duration of November, and instead of like in my previous auction where the bid amount would make the style of the piece different, this piece will be a SOFT-SHADED illustration! The winning bid will get the finished illustration with their character in a soft-shaded illustration. Here, here, and here are some such examples of my soft-shaded illustration work.

Any species is welcome! Anthro or feral.

Starting bid begins at $40 for YCH 1 [Green], and minimum increase would be $5. To increase the bid, just reply to the previous bid before you. Auto-buy is $150 [Auto-Buy can be done in two payments]. Below this image will be comments for where you can post your bid, both SB (Starting Bid) and AB (Auto-Buy). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message.

Then there are two other YCHs available in this image too, YCH 2 [Teal] and YCH 3 [Purple]. Each is Auto-Buy only. If you'd like one, each is $40. If you'd like a certain YCH, just comment AB in the comments below for the appropriate YCH. Since YCH 2 and 3 are AB, payment is expected by November 28th. I will contact you with details.

Please head to link to bid! But if you do not have an FA account, you may message me and I will help you with bidding.
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