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Your Christmas Haul 2013


The Iron Masked Cat in the FAF
I got a pair of REALLY good headphones! :D
I also got a $25 gift card to Walmart and my parents said they'd give me some money tomorrow and we'll go shopping!
A friend also got me Castle Crashers and Steam is giving away Left4Dead 2!


Nyaa nyaa~
I got a sewing machine so I can start my cosplays, some supplies I would need to get started, and a barnes and noble gift card to get caught up on a few of the manga I need. ><

Not a lot, but I'm grateful for what I got since there are so many more people who got far less, and nothing at all today.

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
I got to spend Christmas with my boyfriends family. It was nice. He got me a necklace and his parents got me a flannel jacket, some awesome gloves, and took me ice fishing for the first time.


FAF's #1 Terrorist
As expected, I got about $200 from various people and about $100 in gift cards for food.

Which is pretty good actually. Now the next problem is figuring out what to get with the money


So far I've gotten a pair of jeans, a sweater, and $30. I'll be getting more in the future.


-Duluth shirts and underwear
-Iphone Case
-Candy :3

The best gift however was seeing my Dad cry tears of joy when he saw his new bike. He cried like a little bitch.


Characterless sack of potatoes
Also, some candy, a chocolate orange (WOOOO), a gift card (which I used to purchase Breaking Bad seasons 5 and 6 at a discount) and my good friend gifted me some games on Steam.

I'm happy with the way Christmas went down this year compared to others. It was all very chilled out.
I'll be able to get some CDs and stuff online now! And maybe some new clothes.

Oh how materialistic and shallow I feel after each Christmas...
Maybe I should get off of the computer and actually talk to my family some more.

M. LeRenard

Is not French
We don't usually do gifts, but for some reason my folks decided to get me a bottle of scotch. I am okay with this. I got them a bottle of high-end egg-nog, the kind that makes you physically feel yourself putting on pounds as you drink it.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
Yup, two big bottles of Gin from my uncle. Not just ANY Gin though, proper branded stuff. I'm gonna see if I can get away with saving it until the new term and sharing it with my special friend =)

And a £25 gift card for New Look, that means shopping with my best friend for some new jeans ^.^


Arcade Snowmew Of Doom
The fun of Christmas, where your parents get you some DVDs and you're all 'Yay. ^^' but then they inform you that they also got you a wad of cash but you can't seem MORE exited upon hearing that news...


Inglorious Bastard
Booze, a shirt, money, and a asus tablet with stylus.


The hatred of FAF personified
I got the title Laird (Sometimes translated Lord, though I have no nobility whatsoever) after receiving a deed and owning a square foot of land near a castle :V
The money went for restoring the castle, a charity thing.

That's really cool. Mind telling us which castle you're the king of one square foot of?

As for my Christmas gifts I gave out a bunch of stuff, but nobody got me anything. My parents bagged up my game Cards Against Humanity, and gave it to me. I bought it for myself a month or so ago. So uh, sort of weird. Thanks mom and dad for giving me the game I bought and paid for myself. It wasn't too bad though, I made the whole family play it with me and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
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(thats not all)

Needless to say, it was one of the best christmasses I've ever had.


- Digimon Tamers
- Bioshock Infinite
- A Tofu press
- many comic books
- very coffee
- wow
- And a really awesome salted caramel cream pie.


Was hermiting.
I got a book on theoretical physics (it's not on one particular aspect but covers a lot. i.e. it covers classical mechanics, quantum mechanics etc.) I also got a wireless mouse and a dud headset; the microphone doesn't work. Oh, and anyone else get A Link Between Worlds?


The hatred of FAF personified

It's a printing press that prints tofu, Deo. Fucking geez.

Were you raised in a barn?

I wasn't raised in a barn, but I can go stand in my dad's barn until I learn the errors of my ways.


Robot in disguise
What I got:

-Pokemon X and Y.
-Mario and Luigi Dream Team.
-Wind Waker HD.
-Duck Dynasty jacket.
-Jurassic Park trilogy on DVD.
-Power Rangers season 3 DVD.
-Stephen King's Carrie DVD (Original version).
-March of The Penguins DVD.
-Shaver that works better than my old one.


Inglorious Bastard