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Your country doesn't exist anymore

Frank Gulotta

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For some reason I like to live in the north, so I would go to Sweden



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Oof, that'd be a shock to the system, that might affect my pride a bit.
Italy or Greece, I suppose, not out of any overwhelming love for the culture as much as getting the chance be around so much tangible history.
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Options, options. Here's a fun take.

Okay, Sure, I could move and chase civilization until it all collapses, OR I could try and start a new country from the ashes of my old one. If the current one collapses, that creates the necessary power vacuum I would need to have a go at creating my own and that is an opportunity I wouldn't want to miss out on. Plus I feel like I would lose the right to complain about anything with my country if I picked up and moved just because society collapsed and the going got hard. Instead, we could build a new country from the pieces of a former and build it better than before.

I would name it after my town in Animal Crossing, and then invent some storied BS history of how our name came to be.

If I HAD to move because the area is now unlivable for some reason, literally anywhere that would take me.
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I dunno! Maybe off to Scotland or Denmark where my best friends live. Snatch my partner along the way.

Not the US though, no thanks.


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Canada would be my first choice because I have some friends there. Second choice would be one of the scandinavian countries I here it is pretty alright there.


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Canada seems popular, only thing I know about it is being that place that made Ramjet pull his hair out. Can't see much appeal to it, I like my full head of hair :p
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queen bob

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I could probably only go to the UK or australia or south africa or one of those since I'm a dirty english only speaker

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Well, the U.S is gone? Yes! I'm getting the heck outta dodge now!

Well, I've always preferred some other place....hmm....maybe a remote area in the Atlantic....that sounds peaceful.


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Vielleicht wuerder ich lieber in Deutschland wohnen.

Norway I guess. They seem chill.

The high seasonality in day length is the best thing about Norway in my view.

Winter with no sunrise. Summers of midnight sun. It's very romantic.


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Austria. I'd love to live in Vienna.