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Your country doesn't exist anymore


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Not Norway? Would have to say America.

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Now that I think about it I would go to Iceland. I love the cold, there aren't many people and if you do a crime there you're practically forced to stay in a hotel with the option of leaving temporarily for work and getting supplies and whatnot.


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I would probably head to Germany since I was born there. Finally be old enough to see and remember it.

But then I would go insane from the censorship and bounce my way over to South Korea where my mom was born, sneak over and liberate the north, and then bring about a golden age.

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But if you close your eyes... does it almost feel like nothing has changed at all!

America for the boyfriend. Or rather to be with him.

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My country is gone? Hooray!!

Ehem.. Before the grand celebration, there are two ways of this happening depending on whether we view two Koreas as one or separate (South ROK and North DPRK)

If we set two as one country, and consider both are gone--I'm pretty sure many human resources shall go to neighboring Asian countries such as Japan and China. Or, perhaps also the Russia, Australia or U.S etc...

I personally would get to Hong Kong or China, as my childhood was spent there mostly. Better at least get a rather stable starting ground, as communication and quick adaptation is one of the very crucial factors on survival... (I speak Mandarin too, but sadly, forgot the Cantonese)

On contrary, if we set two Koreas as separate, and make it that only South Korea (where I live) is gone and North (the infamous Rocket Man country) remaining.... I wonder how tense the world politics and diplomacy stuff shall change...

In this case, I'd consider moving to somewhere further than Asia in case DPRK does anything in advance, before I'm too late to flee...
However, as I'm a lazy person, I guess I'll still go China or Hong Kong for the sake of easier adaptation than any other neighboring lands. If I should decide otherwise, perhaps anywhere in the Europe or North America that accepts English(which I expect it to be likely).

But frankly, I'd just choose to die as whatever reason caused to dismantle my country won't make it safe to allow me into any other countries or further live peacefully. And especially when the cause is a war >p<

So, for now, while we're in armistice and under tension, I'd rather enjoy what I can in the present time until any drama happen. I won't regret that at least I had an enjoyable life when I could, even if I end up one way or another! OwO
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I want someplace nicer... No guns, less racism and no homophobia. I know all of those things combined may be a bit hard, but it is still a pleasant though of. BUT something we can work towards the future.


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If it was located southward from me instead of northward than I would probably say Canada. But I live in the Midwest and get enough cold and snow as it is (yay 8 months of winter weather ><).
If language wasn't an issue I'd probably say Japan just because I have yet to see any females I follow say they haven't felt safe walking around there as opposed to their home countries. But I suck at language learning which brings me ultimately to New Zealand. I know it's a beautiful country and all that, but let's face it: I'm a giant LOTR nerd and want to be able to visit Bag End whenever I wish XD